Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Kind of Lonely Clown

Hey, are you guys reading the ever-fascinating Find a Death web site? Because if you're not, you should be. Not only does it collect groovy little details concerning the method by which famous people pass (on the morning he died, Ike Turner smoked some crack - AT THE AGE OF SEVENTY-SIX! Party on, Ike!), but also neat little nuggets on how they lived, such as the fact that Richard Deacon, Paul Lynde and Nancy Walker were a trio of drinking buddies. Or that Eve Plumb, when asked which episode of The Brady Bunch was her favorite, said, "The last one." (And she's not even dead!) There's a great story about Robert "Eldin" Pastorelli of Murphy Brown. And on and on.

Chief deathmeister Scott Michaels recently updated the Karen Carpenter entry, which includes the fact that her big brother Richard once bought two apartment buildings in Orange County. He named the buildings Close to You and Only Just Begun. No, really:

How fabulous is that? Richard doesn't own the buildings any longer, but they still bear the names of those songs. I wonder if there's a building here in Colorado called Elusive Butterfly.


  1. Ironically, the last episode of The Brady Bunch was probably the worst one of the entire series -- the script was so bad that Robert Reed refused to appear in the episode. Of course, that doesn’t contradict Eve Plumb’s opinion, which I understand and respect.

    (Bobby, wanting to get rich quick, begins selling bottles of hair tonic and sells a bottle to Greg. However, Bobby runs for his life after the tonic turns Greg's hair orange, the day before his high school graduation. -

  2. Oh, yes, Cousin Oliver was most certainly in that last episode.