Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Brown Shoe

Speaking of Jeff Goldblum, my tour through the scuzziest early-1970s New York City movies continued last week with Death Wish, which I believe was originally released under the title Scuzzfest '74. Jeff Goldblum made his screen debut here, as one of the thugs who invades Charles Bronson's apartment in the opening sequence. The most alarming thing about his appearance is not that he [SPOILER ALERT] kicks and slashes and beats poor Hope Lange to death, but that he does so while wearing a full-on Jughead cap. This is apparently what the chic mugger was wearing in 1974. I half-expected Goldblum (pictured at right) to whip out some sticks and give us a little "Sugar Sugar."


  1. I assume you have seen this thorough history of the jughead hat, which is pretty much the best thing on the internet:

  2. That is so awesome I'm going to forgive your disrespect in not capitalizing "Jughead." That article also pegged Jeff Goldblum's hat as a Jughead model, so if I had seen that already, I would have assumed it was common knowledge and not posted it here.