Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trivia Answer

The Beatles recorded 192 songs during their career. Over the five seasons it ran on CBS (really four and a half), there were 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone aired. Advantage, Fab Four.

To even the score a bit, here's Rod Serling doing the intro to the very first episode of The Twilight Zone. Except this intro wasn't for viewers; it was for advertisers, with Rod explaining why Twilight Zone viewers will then rush out to buy Sanka. It drives me crazy the way he always pronounced "robot" as ROW-butt.


  1. "The Beatles recorded 192 songs during their career"

    Not to be a total ROW-butt about it, but: You mean "released" not "recorded."

  2. I've noticed that Brooks Moore of How It's Made also pronounces it "ROW-butt." Maybe it's a Canadian thing.