Thursday, August 4, 2011

All in the Timing

The episodes of Columbo I've been watching have come in two varieties: The ones that originally filled a 90-minute time slot run about 1:13 without commercials, while the ones that filled a two-hour slot go about 1:38.

But tonight I'm watching "Now You See Him," with Jack Cassidy as a magician ("The Great Santini") who - SPOILER ALERT - kills a guy. According to Netflix, the running time on this one is 1:29.

Now, what kind of slot is that going to fill? Was this for a 1:45, just in case the Raiders-Chiefs game ran long?

Does anyone know?


  1. It aired on February 29 originally--everything's a little freaky on Leap Day.

  2. Which also explains Robert Duvall's absence.

  3. Gavin? (Okay, I know we have no clue in re: each other's identity.) Yeah -- Tommy mentioned that Columbo thing in his FACEBOOK version of this post, posted juuuuust before this one.

    He's breakin' in his stuff here like we're New Haven, then taking it to the Big Street.

    Joe, Mark, and That Guy With the Fake Name -- Let's get him! [THEY SAVAGE TOM, LIKE MONKEYS IN "2001."]