Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home News

I am thrilled to announce that Erika Berlin has agreed to begin contributing posts here at Debris Slide. Currently an editor at Rolling Stone, Erika is young, smart, passionate about music, and fairly throbbing with Midwestern values - she's from St. Joe, Missouri (I've never heard her refer to it as "St. Joseph"), which if memory serves is the geographic center of the lower 48.

Mostly, I asked her to start posting here because I'm eager to read whatever she has to say. I think you'll enjoy her work as well.


  1. Is St. Joe anything like the way it was portrayed in "Paper Moon"? And by that I do mean, is everything in black and white?

  2. Ha! Yes, St. Joe (or Joetown, as we expats refer to it amongst ourselves), is pretty black and white, in that most of the town lives in the past: The town's motto is "Where Jesse James ended and the Pony Express began." I mean really. Personally, I've been trying to push the fact that Eminem was born and raised there before he moved to Detroit as a teen, but no one seems to care about that as much.

    And thanks, Tom! Maybe I'll make a St. Joe-centric post my first contribution?

  3. I'm really excited. She's one of my favorites. I know nothing about pop culture (or Beyonce) until I read her. Great call.