Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art From Big Pink

Special thanks to my Aunt Colleen, the biggest Band fan in the entire Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area, for passing along the news that Bob Dylan's original painting of the cover art for the Band's Music From Big Pink is now up for sale. The asking price is a cool $18 million. Dylan, canny businessman that he has always been, has hung onto the painting himself all these years, so if you want to pony up the money, you might even get a chance to meet the Bard of Hibbing himself. You'd at least get his autograph on the back of your check.

In the arena of holding on to your original artwork, Dylan far outpaces Julian Lennon, who let an original drawing called "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" slip through his fingers many years ago. The piece ended up in the hands of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, via a process that I'm dying to have explained to me. Julian would probably like to have it explained to him as well.

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