Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Don't fear the reaper!
Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!
Don't go back to Rockville!
Don't try to live your life in one day!
Don't sleep in the subway; don't stand in the pouring rain!
Don't mess with Bill!
Don't stand so close to me!
Don't let the sun catch you crying!
Don't say you don't remember!
Don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide!
Don't come around here no more!
Don't dream it's over!
Don't stop til you get enough!
Don't pay the ferryman until he gets you to the other side!


  1. You've been on a Dylan kick, and you don't even warn us to don't think twice? C'mon! Don't let me down!

    Also, don't let our youth go to waste!

  2. That didn't strike me as much of a warning, although I did almost include "Don't follow leaders."

    BJ Thomas is on Letterman (!) next week... relevant entry coming soon.

  3. Don't do it!

  4. Don't tell me you love me! (Tusk!)

    Don't ask me no questions, and I won't tell you no lies!

    Don't eat the yellow snow!

  5. Don't give up on us, baby.

    (it popped into my head, it's stuck there now, and I had to share the pain)

  6. Don't eat the yellow snow!