Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top Five Surprising Celebrity Cameos in Keith Richards' 'Life'

5. David Bowie, cutting the demo for "It's Only Rock & Roll" with Mick Jagger

4. Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter, having dinner with Mick and Keith in Paris on the last night that Keith ever bought heroin

3. Pope John Paul II, blessing the tapes for Emotional Rescue at a soccer stadium in the Bahamas

2. Billy Preston, getting outed by Keith. Maybe everyone knew this but me, and I can't say I've ever paid a lot of attention to Billy Preston's personal life, but I have read everything about the Beatles I can get my hands on, and I had never heard an inkling of this. Maybe Little Richard recruited him.

1. Bobby Goldsboro, teaching Keith an especially tricky chord as played by Jimmy Reed

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  1. Given Keith Richards' unforgivable lack of punctuality, I'm almost surprised that he's not on the list of Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos in his book.