Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top Ten Unlikely Performers in Robert Altman Movies

1. Jim Bouton, The Long Goodbye
2. Andy Richter, Dr. T and the Women
3. Red West (of Elvis' Memphis Mafia), Cookie’s Fortune
4. Vernon Jordan, The Gingerbread Man
5. Althea Gibson, The Player
6. Klaus Voormann, Popeye
7. Desi Arnaz Jr., A Wedding
8. Charles Rocket, Short Cuts
9. Tina Louise, O.C. and Stiggs
10. Johnny Unitas, M*A*S*H


  1. Johnny Unitas was also in "Any Given Sunday." Though now he's dead.

  2. Klaus Voormann was in POPEYE? Really? I must have been on some serious drugs when I saw that film. Or maybe it was the film itself that was so freakin' weird.

  3. It just feels like someone has to say "it could be both" here.